IoT systems are moderately complex. They tend to require a wide array of disciplines including numerous engineering specialties, business analysis, marketing, graphic design and advertising among others.

They also often involve a number of particularly arcane subjects like radio device certification, extremely low power electronics and software, cellular carrier certification as well as medical (HIPPA), financial (PCI) and governmental (FIPS) security requirements.

The normal way of creating an IoT based business solution typically involves creating all or some of the pieces from scratch and integrating them together. Just knowing what pieces are needed and how to integrate them together to form a reliable system requires a great deal of seemingly unrelated knowledge. Actually building the pieces of scratch requires access to an array of experienced experts, a well-articulated vision of the system to be developed and experience with both the individual pieces as well as how to integrate them together.

Black Mesa's IoT experts can take the role of consultant or "general contractor" to help you document a clear plan of what your business will get out of the system and how those goals will be accomplished. See our Consulting Page for more info.

If you're an experienced system integrator, the IoT system elements in our IoT Building Blocks section can be useful tools in creating your own IoT systems.