IoT in most forms is just an example of automation. An example of software automation would be having your accounting system automatically re-order something when the inventory gets below a set level. When the inventory gets low, the software might generate a paper purchase order that a human processes, it could automatically fax the PO to a pre-selected vendor or it might actually connect to your vendor's computer system and submit the order electronically via EDI.

In an IoT solution, we're adding new capabilities to an object or situation. This is normally in the form of the ability to sense some useful information and communicate it electronically either immediately or on a periodic schedule. This allows useful business information to flow back to a central software program that can automatically act on that information or present that information in a useful way to the right people in your business.

IoT is a toolbox where the different IoT use-cases are tools for addressing specific situations and needs. By packaging the various pieces of a system together to target specific use-cases, Black Mesa RF has created complete solutions that together with our services bring these tools to businesses that could never consider the typical full custom development costs or timelines.

We did not invent this. We did invent certain small parts of it. The solutions offered here are built from hardware and software based on over a decade of system implementations. More importantly they're based on existing business models that are already profitable in other similar markets.