Black Mesa RF is a technology implementation company. We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to create new products and services for mature and emerging markets of all kinds. "Internet of Things" is a catchy name but like any technology, if it's not harnessed to a specific purpose it's not relevant to most people. We can help you assess the relevance of IoT to your business.

The Internet of Things is one piece of a modern business IT and MIS strategy. Our typical customers are small and medium size businesses looking to increase profits, create new products or simply realize an advantage over the competition. IoT is a tool to create greater business efficiency, so like email, modern accounting software & telephone voicemail systems it is in the process of changing how business is done.

Complete Solutions

Our Complete Solutions are packages of hardware and software built to implement specific IoT business models. They are designed to be customized but can be used as-is depending on your needs.

IoT Building Blocks

In order to create these Complete Solutions, we've created software and hardware IoT Building Blocks that perform the various functions needed in the system. If you're an IoT integrator these system components are available a la carte for use in your own systems, customized or as-is.

Consulting Services

The backbone of our ability to create these systems is our extensive experience in engineering and IoT. If you're developing your own hardware or software that same experience is available to you as needed through our Consulting Services.