F3 Engineering is an Original Device Manufacturer focused on radio product solutions. This includes cellular, WiFi, BlueTooth, LoRa, Sigfox and many other radio technologies as well as supporting technologies such as low power methods, batteries and chargers and wide array of software factors. If you need a device with a radio in it and it needs to be customized, that's what we do.

Cellular ODM Product Development

Our deep background in cellular and other radio product design and manufacturing makes us uniquely qualified to provide customized IoT and M2M solutions for companies who's core competency is not radio technology. Customized tracking devices for containers & vehicles, remote sensing, monitoring and control devices heavy equipment, energy & transportation are examples of products we've worked on.

RFIC Module Productization

Having done hundreds of RFIC based radio products F3 has the experience to know what makes a superior RFIC eval board to create the best customer impression for your RFIC. For those customers who need a component level radio module solution F3 can add software IP, modular certification, antennas, power supplies, shielding and of course implantation support.

Consulting Services

The backbone of our ability to create these products is our extensive experience in engineering and IoT. If you're developing your own hardware or software, that same experience is available to you as needed through our Consulting Services.